RAD Friday

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“Perhaps the most interesting home ideas on the market today.”


Happy Friday,

Its always nice to get some press.  Our work was recently highlighted by Hello! Magazine and the Culture Diary.

Whilst its nice to get external recognition, its more important to me that I’m proud of what we do. I’m pretty sure most of our work will survive me – it’ll be in your life after I’m dead.

It’s quite a thing to look at your life’s work like this - both an honour and a responsibility.  Below I share one of the ways I try to get this right.

Reveal : our latest and greatest work

One of my pieces arrived at the studio, and looked amazing… so I’m going to toot my own horn.  =)

Artwork : the people and processes behind the magic

Paul Wright is one of our most popular artists. He’s not only exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery, but he’s incredibly versatile – he can paint anything.

Daydream : the ideas that inspire our creative work

We often forget that painting was, at one point, the only entertainment gig in town; there was no Netflix. Since the Renaissance, artists have told a complete story with one image.

Think about that. A story is made of three parts – premise, change and resolution, all expressed without dialogue or movement. It’s quite a tall order. So they developed clever techniques for expressing ideas - a visual vocabulary, if you will.

We try to honour that vocabulary in the work we do, and this little video about one of my favourite masterpieces, The Death of Socrates, is a fascinating introduction to those ideas.

Have a great weekend,


See you soon for another RAD Friday!