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The Artists

Adam Ball

Adam's work embraces the rhythmic patterns of life, interpreting images such as neural patterns, crowd movements, and his own DNA. It feels timeless, and touches the pulse of our cultural zeitgeist. He's exhibited with Gagosian and the Royal Academy, and his collectors range from George Michael and Mick Jagger to Courvoisier.

Robi Walters

Robi transforms discarded materials into beautiful works of art – electric and mesmerising pieces inspired by the lotus flower. He was Aston Martin’s artist in residence, his collectors include Thandie Newton and Idris Elba, and he’s collaborated on projects with U2 and Sir Paul McCartney.

William Fortescue

William's work captures the last stand - our generational battle to keep great beasts living wild. His focus is their natural presence, with a style that is instantly recognisable. He's already exhibited alongside Banksy and Damien Hirst, and been invited by the Royal Foundation and Prince William to partner on fund-raising campaigns; we are overjoyed to share 7 recent works.

Jessica Zoob

Jessica Zoob

Jessica’s work conjures brightly imagined worlds infused with an emotional charge. Her process includes spending years on each piece, adding and removing layers, creating a depth which reflects the connected glow of Jessica herself. She’s exhibited globally, recently selling out at Art Basel, and is immensely collectable.

Nick Veasey

Nick works with radiographic imaging to transform x-ray images into a fusion of art and science, revealing the inner beauty of everyday objects and items. His work forms part of the V&A Museum’s permanent collection, he has a TED Talk, and he’s been widely collected internationally.