I purchased my first work of art whilst a teenager, spending more than I had on my first car. My parents were neither artists nor collectors, and we didn’t go to museums much as children. But for some reason, I’ve always been deeply connected to the value of art. Always been fascinated by its eternity. I’m also an artist myself, which perhaps helps me see some things. Like colour theory, the symbolism and metaphors, and the evocative nature of seemingly abstract forms.

Our approach to Advisory reflects all this. Most of my senior team have worked with me for over ten years, and together we’ve built a philosophy around buying and collecting art.

More than almost any other purchase, art is personal. It’s got to be right for you. We believe in getting to know people, not only their artistic tastes but also their backgrounds and interests. This way, we can find and recommend art which is truly resonant for that person.

To get an initial insight, check out the Art-I-Love Review – our online ‘taste test’ which helps us to understand aesthetic preferences.

Once we get to understand someone, of course, our services include:

  • Direct relationships with 50+ artists and many of the top galleries.
  • Advice based on experience, research and trend analysis.
  • And for avid collectors, the sorts of relationships which matter.

Whether you’re an enthusiast or investor, we believe art that is personally meaningful can be deeply rewarding. And as it turns out, that first painting of mine has done very well financially, too. So maybe we can help you achieve both.

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