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“Perhaps the most interesting home ideas on the market today.”


Happy Friday,

I have a confession to make – I’m a nerd. Whereas some artists never seem to read or study creativity itself, I find the topic utterly fascinating.  Perhaps it’s my engineering background – when going to college my parents said I’d never make a living in the creative world, and since I was good at mathematics, I studied engineering.

As it turned out, engineering served me well. It’s given me an analytical approach to creativity that I suspect is why I connect well with other artists, and why I have the business I have today.

So in my Daydream this week, I’m sharing why your favourite perfume probably has an incredibly foul smell at the heart of it.

Reveal : our latest and greatest work

Before we get to that, this week we are sharing a new portrait by Fernanda, resplendent in the soft pastel hues for which she is known.

Artwork : a surreal portrait experience

We are pleased to welcome a new artist to the stable this week – Linco7n.  Whilst influenced by Picasso and Basquiat, he’s found his own voice which is both playful and edgy.

Daydream : the ideas that inspire our creative work

One of the most interesting creative concepts is harmonic dissonance.  It’s the ‘je ne c’est quoi’ of creative endeavours that separate the good from the great, the almost from the amazing. Hard to define, but clear when it's there.

It’s why the oreo cookie has been found to be as addictive as cocaine – salt and sweet are opposite ends of the taste wheel, and shouldn’t go together. But the right amount of salt creates harmonic dissonance with the sweet.

My favourite expression of this comes from the world of perfume making.  The ‘almost’ perfumes that little girls prefer are very simple. Full of sweetness and floral tones, they have no dissonance - sweet without the salt. But the more mature, rounder perfumes that women prefer have, at the core of them, something which smells quite awful, often fecal matter.

Isn’t that astounding? It gives the scent a complexity we find attractive.

To me, it’s like this sign from the universe that life isn’t supposed to be perfect, that beauty needs some ugly, that success needs some failure, and that maybe, in some way we don’t understand yet, we all need 2020.

Have a great weekend,


See you soon for another RAD Friday!