RAD Friday

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“Perhaps the most interesting home ideas on the market today.”


Happy Friday,

As the kids go back to school, my mind turns to the refreshing spirit of autumn.  I know that, theoretically, the leaves are about to fall – the metaphor is one of ebbing not flowing. But I’ve a winter-y soul. For me, the autumn is a time of renewal.

So that’s my theme this week.

Reveal : our latest and greatest work

We have two exceptional reveals to share this week. The first is a neo-classical piece of renewing Urban Renaissance work by the incredible Marco Battaglini. Here is the latest.

I also love this new portrait by Patrick Reeves – a composite from three different images, set with the surreal Manhattan skyline.  

Coincidentally, I did an interview this week with Patrick, if you’d like to learn a bit about the magic behind his process, check out this link.

Artwork : a surreal portrait experience

In my personal creative journey, I’ve started exploring a new type of portrait. I’ve always been a fan of the surrealists, from Dali and Magritte to the recent work of artists like Jeff Drew.  And like everyone, at times this year I felt as though I was walking through a dream.

Which gave me a lightbulb moment – my own surrealist approach to portraiture. I’ve only done a handful thus far, but I’m enjoying the versatility it gives me to express creative ideas about a person and family.  I’d love to know what you think.  

And of course, I guess it's just in time for Holiday Card season.  The first one is my family, and the boy is my son.  =)

Daydream : the ideas that inspire our creative work

My favourite creative quote of all time is by Chuck Close:

“Inspiration is for amateurs.  Real artists just get up and go to work.”

During the darkest months of 2020, I’ve kept this quote close to my heart. Keeping a clear, firm working schedule at the core of every day, and every week, has not only kept my spirits up but also, frankly, having less client work has given me more time to explore and play.

I pale from calling any of this a ‘good thing’ just yet, but there are barriers that it takes perspiration, not inspiration, to hurdle.  The aforementioned ‘surreal portrait experience’ is just one of the avenues this exploration has taken.

I suspect it is a coincidence, in my heart I know it is, but it also happens that we’ve recently been mentioned in both Home & Gardens and Luxury Lifestyle Magazine for our ideas for your home.  So that’s nice.

This little twist of chance reminds me of one of my other favourite quotes, by Coleman Cox:

“I’m a great believer in luck - the harder I work, the luckier I get.”

See you soon for another RAD Friday!