RAD Friday

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Happy Friday,

Last week I turned 50. As you probably know, we produce a lot of thoughtful, creative projects for these sort of milestones, so I should have known something would be made for me.

Somehow, I was still surprised, and I was still moved. I got to experience the feeling we try so hard to create for others, and it was friggin’ great.

Reveal : our latest and greatest work

So my reveal for you this week is the piece of art that my wonderful woman and incredible team designed to commemorate my 50th.

Artwork : the people and processes behind the magic

I am deeply inspired by the story and work of Chuck Close. Back in the 60s, he redefined and reinvigorated portraiture itself, at a time when portraiture was pilloried as an art form. Perhaps the most fascinating part is that, unbeknownst to him until it could be diagnosed about 15 years ago, he suffers from ‘face blindness’. He was drawn to faces because he couldn’t see them… To learn more, enjoy this: Artist Chuck Close writes note to younger self.

And I can’t speak about Chuck Close without mentioning my favourite quote of his:

“Inspiration is for amateurs, real artists show up and get to work.”

Daydream : the ideas that inspire our creative work

What is creativity? And if your child is creative, how does one harness that energy, and help them have a fulfilling life in the creative world? In the seminal talk on this topic, and arguably the talk that launched TED, Sir Ken Robinson answers this question. Even if you’ve seen it before (I’ve watched it about 10 times), it's worth watching again. Link here.

Happy holidays,

See you soon for another RAD Friday!