Terms & Conditions


For an agreed annual fee we’ll set up some clever technology that allows a human being, your curator, to sift, sort and present your best photographs in an ordered fashion throughout the year.

Your computer, your phones and your tablets will upload your photos to our servers as you take them, and your personal curator will edit and collate your shots, as clarified below.


McKay Williamson Limited (‘MkW’) will enter into an agreement (the ‘Agreement’) (the terms of which are set out below) to provide the Keepsaker services (the ‘Services’) for you (the ‘Client’) for a period of 12 months (the ‘Term’). The Client will select one of the packages as defined in Appendix A below (Silver, Gold or Platinum, the ‘Package’) and pay MkW the agreed fee for the Package (the ‘Fee’) in full. Payment of the Fee is deemed to reflect acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in this document.

When the Agreement is signed and paid for the Client may elect to make the effective start date (the ‘Start Date’) of the Term any date in the previous 12 months.
If the Client avails themselves of the option to modify the Start Date of the Term any items in the Gold or Platinum packages may take up to three months from the Agreement date to design, organise and deliver.

In setting up the Services, MkW will provide written instructions and limited telephone and remote assistance to the Client to enable the Client to configure their computer and devices to upload photographs to the Company’s servers.

The Client is responsible for the selection, maintenance and costs of an appropriate internet connection (3G, 4G, wifi, satellite, fixed broadband, …) used for uploading/downloading any images to and from our servers. The Company will provide reasonable assitance to ensure all devices are configured according to the Client’s preferences. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any data transfer costs or data access costs incurred by the Client.

The Client may set up the Keepsaker Service on a maximum of one computer and four handheld devices.

On the anniversary of the Start Date (the ‘Renewal Date’) the fee for the Package for the next Term will become payable. The Client may let MkW know at any time during the Term that they do not wish to renew the Agreement for another Term.

Client photographs remain Client property and Client copyright; Client may copy edited collections to another service at any time. Should Client decide not to renew a subscription Client will be able to download curated collections to their own computer for up to one month after the end of the agreement


The Services include Curation, selection of photos for inclusion in an album; design, production and delivery of albums; reportage photo shoots; production and delivery of framed photographs.

Additional Services are defined as any of the items below that the Client requests in addition to what is included in the Package agreed during the Term.

‘Curation’ is defined as reviewing all uploaded photographs and selecting the best 5-10% of the photos, placing them into a separate folders for the Client to view easily through the shared Cloud account.

MkW will also create a separate folder for any images that should be deleted (eg. duplicates, out of focus images, screenshots). MkW will not delete any images as part of the Curation process, they will be moved for the Client to review and delete, should they wish.

A ‘Designed Photo Album’ is a 12” x 12” hard back book comprising 50-80 photographs on up to 20 double-page layouts (including inside the front and back covers) printed on Kodak’s 220gsm Endura photographic paper.

A ‘Large Premium Photo Album’ is is a 15” x 12” hard back book comprising 200-250 photographs on up to 40 double-page layouts (including inside the front and back covers) printed on 1mm Satin photographic paper.

A ‘Reportage Photo Shoot’ is a 2-3 hour photo shoot (unlike traditional styles of photography, reportage photographs are less formal and portray their characters in a pose-free way that occurs naturally, not staged), at your home and/or on location with one of McKay Williamson’s renowned photographers.

A ‘Framed Photograph’ is a 5″ x 7″ photograph mounted in a Marioni Pewter desk frame.

A ‘Digital Screen Print’ is a creative process that is particularly effective with some images, and may be recommended occasionally. As it’s so specific to certain image types, it outside any Package and is always an Additional Service to be selected at additional cost.


The process of Curation by the Company is entirely subjective, and MkW make no warrant the Client will agree with MkW selection

The Client will have access to a folder of the images through the shared Cloud account that MkW recommend as Creative, Good or Delete. The Creative folder will have those photos that MkW recommend a creative activity. The Good folder are those MkW recommend the Client keep. The Delete folder are those MkW recommend the Client delete.

The Curation process will happen 3 times per year, as scheduled. At the end of each Curation, the Client will be sent an email inviting them to review the Curation.

Albums. If the Client chooses the Gold or Platinum packages, they will also nominate which months the photos in the albums will cover. The Creative folder is the folder from which MkW will select photos to be used in the Albums.

When Albums are being designed, MkW will create an Album folder of the selected images and send a link to that folder to the Client. MkW will provide two weeks for the Client to give feedback and change requests before going to design. During and after the design process there is no opportunity for review by the Client. Should the client wish to make changes upon receiving their album, it will require commissioning an entirely new album at additional cost.


Each of the Packages includes Curation of up to 3000 images per Term. If more than 3000 images are uploaded by the Client in any Term then the Client must purchase an additional Service or accept that Curation will only be applied to the first 3000 images to be uploaded.

If ‘burst’ mode (several photographs are captured in quick succession) is enabled on any of the Client’s devices, this could generate a large number of images and the number of images included in each of the Packages may be reached before the end of the Term. The Client is responsible for disabling Burst mode should they wish to avoid this.

Video is presently excluded from the Services.

The Company relies upon on the infrastructure of Google to supply the Services; we have no influence over that infrastructure and as such cannot be held responsible for disruptions to the Service beyond our control (including, but not limited to, privacy infringements, deletions and/or piracy/corruption/hacking of photographs.) We’re only as good as Google lets us be.

Appendix A

The Packages:

The Silver Package comprises:

  • Curation of your media – Up to 3,000 photos per year

The Gold Package comprises:

  • Curation of your media – Up to 3,000 photos per year;
  • 3 Designed Photo Albums of your best photos from 3 select time periods in the year OR 1 Large Premium Photo Album of your best photos from the entire year

The Platinum Package comprises:

  • Curation of your media – Up to 3,000 photos per year
  • 3 Designed Photo Albums of your best photos from 3 select time periods in the year OR 1 Large Premium Photo Album of your best photos from the entire year
  • 1 Reportage Photo Shoot and 3 Framed Images

Additional Services:
An additional fee of £300 per additional 500 photographs will be payable for the Curation of more than 3000 images in any Term.