RAD Friday

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“Perhaps the most interesting home ideas on the market today.”


Happy Friday,

Some art is dreadful. To that snivelly person in the back that says, “but wait, isn’t all art subjective?!”… er…

No. Today’s links are undeniable proof that some art (and design) is so bad, it’ll not only make you laugh, but teach you something about good art (and design) in the process.

And it fits with the recent news.

Reveal : our latest and greatest work

Before we get to the bad art (and design), I’m quite proud of this amazing piece by Nushka, delivered just before Christmas.  Enjoy: 

Artwork : the people and processes behind the magic

Now for the bad art. Enjoy this little tour of the Museum of Bad Art in America (where else, but my homeland). Really, this is a thing. 🤣  Bad Artwork

Daydream : the ideas that inspire our creative work

Your home city probably has a flag, and it’s probably one of the worst designed things you’ve ever seen.  After you watch this, I challenge you to google yours. Daydream

Pleeeease send me your home city’s flag, I could use the giggle. Heres’ mine… 😩😩😩

Have a great weekend,

See you soon for another RAD Friday!