Dear fellow parent,

Thank you for learning about our World According to Kids project. My children originally inspired this idea in 2006, when they were six, four and two. As they’ve grown, I’ve been fascinated by both their pearls of wisdom and naiveté. Those pearls have fuelled a hunger to understand more. What do they believe? When do those beliefs change? How and why?

Since 2006 we’ve filmed interviews with hundreds of children. We’ve learned heaps, and improve our techniques every year.

We’re doing something nobody has done before. Below you’ll find answers to some natural questions you’ll have. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me personally. I hope you’ll consider allowing your children to join the World According to Kids project.

Warm regards,

Richard Williamson


  • What is your vision?
  • How does the filming work?
  • What age should we start filming?
  • When do you make the films?
  • What are the questions you ask?
  • How much will it cost?

What is your vision?

There is a ‘Kid’ world – a set of beliefs that kids normally don’t share with adults, especially not their parents or teachers. We tap into that world, and we get some amazing insights.

We track and understand the changes in kids’ beliefs as they mature; it’s a time capsule of their changing attitudes.

How does the filming work?

We interview each child in the family for 30-90 minutes. Usually at your home where they’ll be more relaxed, but interviews can be done at the studio.

What age should we start?

It doesn’t really matter. Whilst 5-year olds change very differently than teenagers, over time, everyone changes, and the key to these films is observing that change. The youngest we usually suggest starting is age 5, but some 4 year olds are more than ready too!

When do you make the films?

We make a film from either one interview, or three, interviews, usually over a 2 year span. Sometimes we may recommend stretching to a four interview span before editing.


What kind of questions do you ask?

We got really geeky with this - and to develop our questions we engaged a variety of developmental psychology ideas (Erickson, Piaget, and Harris etc).

Generally - when the children are younger, we ask more playful questions about fairies and friends. As the children mature, we explore their development and match the questions to their stage of maturity.

For every subsequent interview, we review the notes of their previous session so we can know which areas to explore more deeply.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary based on number of children, location, and the strategy for editing your footage (e.g - whether to include things like home video footage). There is also an economy of scale for extra children.

Please contact us directly for a quote.