Trendsetting Family Ideas

We capture candid, un-staged moments that are truly authentic. Loud laughs, dreamy gazes, intimate smiles; the result is a set of raw, beautiful images encapsulating real life.


Each personal commission by one of our artists will capture the essence of your family whilst staying true to that artist’s unique style.

Prices start from £3k, although more established artists and BP Portrait winners are considerably more.

Surreal Portraits

We love creativity, and it's what we are best at. Whether your kids are political activists, ballerinas, or aspire to be Harry Potter, we can incorporate their passions into an image that will make you chuckle for years to come.


Mosaics are a great way to combine multiple images and create a composition that has both movement and personality. The aim is to create a fragmented image that feels like parts of your life and family have been pieced together.

Digital Screenprints

Originally inspired by pop art and the works of Andy Warhol, our digital screenprint designs have evolved into masterpieces of their own. We can take any image and create a wonderfully textured design in any palette to suit you and your home.

Prices start at £500.


We work with a select few photographers; they all combine pure award winning artistry with the ability to put everybody at ease.

More Photography

We love photography. Check out a few more shots from some of our favourite shoots. 

More Paintings

We represent so many artsits! Here are a few more paintings to ignite the imagination. 

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