The Value of Memorabilia

People tend to keep things that are important to them. A silly trinket, or an old postcard, can rehash a thousand memories. The value of such memorabilia lies not in the objects themselves, but in the associated memories of a person, place or event. Salvaging and preserving such treasured memorabilia, allows these emotional connections, along with the piece, to be passed from generation to generation.

Too often hoarded in attics, garages and cupboards, mementos from our past sit and gather dust. The value in resurrecting and reviewing such keepsakes is more significant than you might think. Beyond allowing us to create an accurate record of our family background, memorabilia such as photographs and artefacts, help us to bind a family’s narrative together. Every family has stories of success and failure, hardships and recovery, lessons learnt and forgotten. Memorabilia helps to illustrate such stories, connecting us with older generations, reminding us of our roots, and the richness of our lives.

In helping to preserve and articulate values, these stories can give a sense of a family’s uniqueness, and even has the potential to change the way a future generation might think. For children in particular, an understanding of their family’s history, helps develop their sense of self, enabling them to understand that they belong to something bigger than themselves. Psychological studies have proven it to be the best single factor of children’s emotional health and happiness.

The value of memorabilia therefore lies in the tales and experiences that they preserve.

For this reason they can be one of the greatest gifts to give your loved ones.

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