Meaningful Art

Why do you buy art? Many purchase art purely as an investment. Sometimes it might be entirely aesthetic. Others look at art as a personal expression of sentimentality hanging on their walls. Sometimes it’s all three. Whatever the case, each piece of art has a significant meaning to each of us.

Many people are attracted to certain works because they are reminded of personal places, people and feelings. Art can serve as a memory. But memory can also betray you. Nothing you think you remember is actually quite as it happened. Flashes of reality remain; your brain fabricates the rest of the narrative in a way that makes sense. It doesn’t make the art on your walls less meaningful, but it also means it can never be a reliable window into the past.

That’s why we take photographs. All those snaps and iPhone video clips are important. What would you grab if your house were on fire? Probably your photos. What would you miss most if you lost your phone? Not the phone itself, I’m sure. Photos are more trustworthy than your mind.

So why do you have to root around in the bottom of a drawer, or navigate neglected filing systems to find them? Why are the few you have on display presented as though they embarrass you? The thought of organising them gives you a headache. That headache is your treacherous, jealous brain, fighting for its right to play fast and loose with your reality.

Take control of your errant brain. Art is cool. The art you love should be proudly on display in your most hallowed spaces. Art that means more than just a vague supposed memory of a nice time you think you had once somewhere with someone.

What if the art you look at every day, hanging proudly in the place you’ve fought hard to call home, was also the material you would weep to lose if your house burned down?

You possess a treasure trove of beautiful memories, and the possibilities are limitless. From fine art, sculpture, installations and more, find out here what we can do with your treasured memories to make that piece of meaningful art to hang in your home.