Frequently Asked Questions

We will visit your home and download your images from the previous year onto a drive. Your media will then be curated into a set of folders onto a share cloud account. We will then share these folders with you, and from here your creative projects can begin!

Not yet. We are currently building a dedicated app to install on each of your devices. Initially, we will share a cloud account with you, separate from any you presently have, which ensures we only see your photos, and nothing else you may have tied to your present cloud account(s).

A dedicated curator will review, sort and file your images. We will try to keep the same person on your account; our average tenure as an employer is about 5 years.  So that person will change occasionally, but not too often.

From 15 years working with hundreds of clients, we know most people take between 4000-6000 photos per year, the total covered by these budgets.  If we find more in your library during the initial download, we will give you a revised figure.  If this revised budget is not ok with you, we will refund you before proceeding further.

Keepsakes are individually tailored ideas that have been inspired by your photos. These include photo albums, collages, framed photography, interpretative designs and portrait paintings.

The design time normally takes 3 weeks, and production time is usually about 4 weeks.  However, especially before the Holiday season, our queue can add a few weeks.

Both albums are designed by hand with images are selected by a curator. The print quality is the same, but the Premium Album is a larger, longer, thicker book printed on a premium paper. The specifications are as follows:

Cover Photo Design Faux Leather
Number of Layouts (Slides) Up to 20 (40 Pages) Up to 40 (80 Pages)
Number of Images 50-80 200-250
Paper Endura, 220 gsm Satin, 1 mm
Size 10″ x 10″ 14″ x 10″
Extra Copies £250 £500

Certainly. We normally start with just the last year, then move on to the bigger job, but in certain cases (like when big events are on the horizon), we’ll just roll up our sleeves and do several years at once.

Keepsaker is a “look forward” subscription plan. This means that we charge for sorting out your media from the time you subscribe onwards. And to get the best out of this premium service, we need to work with you and your family over at least a year.

On the anniversary of the effective start date, the fee for the same package for the next year will become payable (we’ll email you a reminder before charging you). You may cancel auto-renewal at any time during the year of your subscription.

We have a clear and strict non-disclosure agreement that we adhere to for all clients (whether you ask for your own signed copy of it or not).  Tellingly, we’ve served high profile clients since 2002, and never had a single breach.

No. There is no need to change the way that you currently store or backup photos (e.g. iPhoto, iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive).

Absolutely not. Your memories are safe with us. Keepsaker combines all of your existing media into an easy-to-search library. We’ll choose the best of a group of similar shots and safely archive the rest until you decide what to do with them.

Yes, but ‘re-design’ time is limited to 10% of you budget.  This is normally a sufficient amount.  If you want more input, this usually requires personal meetings at the studio and can cost more.