The Last Stand Coffee Table Book – Deluxe Edition

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As mankind’s relationship with the natural world appears to break down a little more each day, while at the same time our digital obsession seems to render print increasingly obsolete, William Fortescue’s The Last Stand attempts to reignite our passion for both print and wildlife.

Hand Signed, Includes Limited Edition Print

Pages: 180
Book Dimensions: 30 x 29cm



Over the last 10 years he has travelled to almost every corner of Eastern Africa. From the rainforests of Rwanda to the highlands of Ethiopia and dusty plains of Amboseli National Park in Kenya where to each he carries his camera, focussing on depicting his wild subjects in their wild environments in an attempt to demonstrate the beauty of both and, in doing so, reconnect us and nature.

While there is no escaping the sand is slipping through the hour-glass fast, and time is heavily against us in the fight to save thousands of species from extinction, William takes great issue with the messaging around the climate crisis.

With over 100 images from the last decade, many of which never seen before, and foreword from Georgina Lamb, CEO of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, The Last Stand is about more than the images adorning these pages. It is about the journey behind each photograph, the process William follows to create them and, ultimately, the love we all bear for the species within them.